Image Credit: Mario Testino/GQI have never enjoyed Taylor Lautner more than in the cover story of July’s GQ (on stands June 22). He let the writer tag along with him to Nickelodeon’s annual Kids’ Choice Awards — where DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg approached Lautner to ask if he had two minutes (because Will Smith wanted to meet him) — and then, a week later, suggested they do their lunch interview at his local Olive Garden. An excerpt:

“Do you like this place?” he asks, a little unsure, adding: “My father turned me on to it.” Without glancing at the menu, Lautner orders the Toscana soup, then asks to substitute the Caesar salad for the house. Before the waiter can reply, Lautner interrupts innocently: “I know,” he says, “it’ll be a dollar fifty extra. That’s fine.” Well, yes. Yes, it will be.

I sorta love that Lautner isn’t too cool for Olive Garden. It could be because I have been known to pressure a friend to go to a midtown Manhattan Applebee’s so I could have the Chicken Fajita Rollup, and nothing made me happier than the night an EW colleague (originally from the Midwest) suggested we hit the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday. What chain restaurant do you secretly crave? Two more confessions, so you know you’re among friends:

Kate Ward: “I secretly love Chili’s. Their triple dipper — three appetizers — is just an orgasm of fried food.”

Michael Slezak: “Every few months, I like to sit by myself at the bar at Pizzeria Uno and order myself a personal-size Chicago Classic and an extra big beer. (Uno has some ridiculous size that’s like two pints!)”

Your turn.

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