There are plenty of celebrities who started off hocking stuff on television. There’s nothing like seeing a nerdy Paul Rudd looking blown away while playing Super Nintendo on a drive-in movie screen, or watching a Bruno-era Bruce Willis singing the somewhat discomfiting wine-cooler slogan “It’s wet and it’s dry!” But how often is a career actually launched by a commercial?

For Isaiah Mustafa, known better as the Old Spice guy, that’s exactly the case. As EW’s Hollywood Insider blog reported, NBC has signed a talent deal with the man your man could smell like, and is hoping to add him to one of its series. As a nation of ad-watchers can tell you, he’s certainly got comedic chops, as demonstrated in his commercial character’s sultry deadpan, but what kind of TV show would be right for him? We’ve got a few suggestions:

Mr. Ed: An updated version of the classic equestrian sitcom, with Mustafa as Wilbur and his beach-galloping steed as the wise-cracking horse. Sample scene: Wilbur: “I’m on a horse.” Mr. Ed: “No, I’m under a darned fool!” Cue laugh track and goofy trombone sound.

Look At Your Man: A reality competition series in which couples put their relationships to the test. Mustafa uses his charm and body-wash musk to try to woo ladies away from their boyfriends. Will they choose true love or those two tickets to that thing they love?

The New Adventures of Old Spice: Basically it’s the recently canceled Julia Louis-Dreyfus series, but with a lot more showering.

Any other possible shows you’d like to see Mustafa star in? Start your pitching in the comments below!