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Image Credit: Sharky/Splash NewsAccess Hollywood got the real dirt from Eclipse co-star Dakota Fanning: Rather than attend a pre-junket screening of the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, Fanning told the show she instead was busy taking the ACT, a college entrance exam. And then she had to go and be charmingly self-deprecating about it all, admitting to guessing on some of the answers. I don’t know what’s up with Fanning, between the test-taking, college-experience-wanting, and the overall healthy future planning. But I find myself continually disoriented by her when I compare her to some of her, um, less studious-seeming peers. When EW’s Adam Markovitz interviewed her last year in the run-up to New Moon, she squeezed in a call to him just before class. At her actual high school. Do young stars even go to high school? I hadn’t realized. Am I the only one who assumes the ever-precocious Fanning will just take over the world one day?

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