By Mandi Bierly
June 15, 2010 at 03:17 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Discovery Channel; Ferguson: Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesCraig Ferguson’s love affair with the Discovery Channel goes beyond MythBusters. The Late Late Show host confirmed last night that he’ll be the host of Discovery’s 23rd Annual Shark Week, which kicks off August 1. “Slightly incontinent with excitement,” Ferguson wrote on Twitter yesterday, teasing the “big news” that would be revealed on-air last night (by Brian the shark puppet). Watch it below. Post-show, Ferguson added, “Watched Jaws on cable. Mistake. Hosting Shark Week now seems foolhardy. Sharks unaffected by sarcasm & self loathing. My only weapons.”

We’ve known for years that Shark Week is Ferguson’s “favorite holiday.” The sharks may be immune to his charms, but viewers will eat it up. Just imagine all the brilliant things that will come out of his mouth as he prepares to dive with Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas. (Discovery tells us he’ll shoot in a few weeks.)

While we await more details on what Ferguson’s hosting duties will entail, we’re sort of hoping they involve Brian (voiced by Ferguson) doing promos introducing the nightly specials. I suspect he’d have fun with Ultimate Air Jaws (Aug. 1, 9 p.m. ET), in which producer Jeff Kurr returns to South Africa to investigate great white aerial attacks like the ones he captured in the 2000 special Air Jaws (still the fifth most-watched Shark Week special of all-time). “Using the very latest in technology, including an HD camera that shoots in super slow motion — 2,000 frames per second, or 20 to 30 times slower than ‘typical’ slow motion footage — Kurr and shark expert Chris Fallows slow down the footage of a breaching shark from one second in real time to almost a full minute,” a press release says. “The unparalleled resolution provides so much detail that you can literally count every tooth in the shark’s mouth. Fallows and Kurr also employ a submarine and remotely operated helicopter to capture this incredible footage.” Awe-some.

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