June 15, 2010 at 12:47 PM EDT

Betty White is out promoting her new sitcom Hot In Cleveland. Last night, she was on The Daily Show, where Jon Stewart said he watched Golden Girls reruns and admired her “exquisite” timing — nice to see a young man respecting his elders. He also mentioned a Facebook campaign to make White the next Supreme Court justice. (A joke, but could she possibly be worse than — oh, okay, no politics here… )

White was sparky and lovable, but also tart-tongued. Asked what kind of material she didn’t like doing, White said, “I just don’t think drugs are funny, and I don’t like to make jokes about them.”

White’s anti-drug remark was interesting, since one of her laugh-lines in Hot From Cleveland (um, spoiler alert?) involves one of her co-stars sniffing the air around White and asking whether anyone has been smoking marijuana. White’s character says with mock nervousness, “What are you, a cop?”

After hearing her on The Daily Show, I think the writing staff of Cleveland had better start paying her the sort of respect Stewart did.

White was also on The View yesterday and was similarly, admirably blunt. Asked why they don’t make great game shows like Password any more, White pointed out that there had been a recent CBS revival of Password and that it flopped. White had figured out why: Many of the contestants didn’t have the gray matter White and her generation possess. She said they geared the remake for “young people,” she said, “you know, everything needs to be ‘young’ now, and they can’t think on their feet. They have to punch a… ” — and here she made a texting-a-smartphone gesture with her fingers, implying that the kids have to look things up instead of possessing basic knowledge.

I like this side of Betty White. Feisty, frank, not caring if she tweaks the young constituency that cheers her at every turn.

Also, White made a typically raucous appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night. (Credit where it’s due: Craig was booking Betty on for comedy bits well before White-mania.) She came out dressed as a World Cup referee, plugged Hot From Cleveland, and joked about about getting breast implants:

I’ll be reviewing Hot From Cleveland in this space tomorrow. I wonder how many of her youthful fans are going to tune in to TV Land to see her there?

In the meantime, what did you think of White’s Daily Show appearance?

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