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Thanks to the keen eye of the folks at TV Squad — and the paranoia of seasoned reality TV viewers — Bachelorette fans have spent the day wondering whether Justin, the “entertainment wrestler” who walked to Ali’s mansion on crutches, really had a broken foot. The June 7 episode clearly showed Justin walking on his right foot with his left foot held high in a cast for most of the trek. But for five seconds (at 41:14 in the clip below), he was shown using his left foot, which was suddenly sneaker-clad. What gives? “Justin definitely had a broken left foot for the duration of the filming of The Bachelorette,” the show’s producers say in a statement to EW. “For the geographic clarity of Justin’s journey to find Ali, we thought it best to ‘flop’ a shot. ‘Flopping’ a shot creates a mirrored version of the image. The unintentional consequence was that Justin’s cast in the mirrored version appears to be on his right leg rather than the left.”

Is ‘flopping’ a shot covered in the leeway you give reality TV producers? (If it doesn’t affect the outcome of events, I’m okay with it. Although I wouldn’t necessarily try it when there’s a cast to tip-off viewers.) Or are you a naive total purist?

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