By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 14, 2010 at 03:11 PM EDT

Image Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesSean Hayes found a very classy and funny way to address the Newsweek article suggesting that he’s unconvincing as a straight leading man: During his opening monologue as host of last night’s Tony Awards, he laid a long, wet, tongue-filled kiss on his Promises, Promises costar Kristin Chenoweth, who’d come out on stage to wish him good luck. “I know what you’re thinking,” he said. “She’s too short for me.” Watch the clip below. I would totally go to there. Especially if he’s just played the piano.

That kiss, along with his role-playing (Billy Elliott, Little Orphan Annie, and Spider-Man), earned Hayes two spots on our list of the Tonys’ Top 10 Moments. So, I think that means he fared well as host of the World Cup of Showtunes. (“At the World Cup, when somebody scores, they yell ‘Gooooooal!’. At the Tonys, when somebody scores, they yell ‘Girrrl,'” he quipped in his monologue, which was just long enough and totally bomb-free.) How do you think he did? We can’t hold against him the confusion at the end of the telecast over whether the Memphis winners would continue to speak or perform again. (Plus, the flustered physical comedy was pure Jack McFarland.) He was also present for my favorite moment of the night: Chenoweth’s pratfall when she learned she wasn’t even nominated this year (watch that below as well). Very brave for a woman in a strapless dress.What did you think of Hayes’ hosting performance?

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