By Margaret Lyons
June 14, 2010 at 03:53 PM EDT

Image Credit: AMCLast night’s Rubicon felt like a test of TV knowledge — in the best possible way. While my code-cracking skills are nothing special, deciphering television is pretty much my only skill, unless you count coffee-guzzling or enthusiasm for cocktails. Anyway, so far, Rubicon appears to be a mix of:

Millennium: A massive, mysterious, and frighteningly powerful organization juuuust this side of the law may be using its far-reaching influence for evil.

Nowhere Man: Guy loses everything and must be the sole agent for virtue within a corrupt organization. (Less action-y so far, but still.)

Glee: Let’s be real. Will Travers looks a LOT like Will Schuester. So far, this is the only similarity between the shows. But we’ll see!

There are also shreds of Traveler (who are these people?!), Dirty Sexy Money (this rich family has some seeeeecrets!), and any number of espionage thrillers about paragovernmental organizations, people knowing too much, etc. Chills! This isn’t to suggest that Rubicon is reductive or unoriginal. Yes, I knew that blue car was going to be parked in spot No. 13, but no, I have no earthly idea what it means.

I’m excited to see Rubicon unfold; while it doesn’t quite conjure Mad Men or Breaking Bad just yet, it does look pretty intriguing. What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you be deciphering Rubicon come August?

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