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Updated August 03, 2020 at 07:05 PM EDT
Credit: Justin Lubin

Image Credit: Justin LubinIt seems Johnny Weir has become besties with former Dancing With the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff, and now they’re both angling to pair up for season 11. “I met [Karina] a few weeks ago and she was like, ‘Johnny, you are the perfect height for me. Let’s dance,'” Weir said. “So…it’s on. I’ve chosen my partner, I’m ready.” If only it were that easy! At least Weir’s casting would set back into ice one of the show’s most basic, inalienable tenets, which ABC shamefully disregarded at the end of season 10: THY FIGURE SKATER SHALL WIN.

10 (“Tehhhhhhhn!”) reasons Johnny Weir Would Be Good for ‘DWTS’

10. Affinity for tassels

9. So funny they wouldn’t have to cast a comedian no one knows/cares about (not referring to Niecy. Love you Niecy. Reach for it Niecy.)

7. Sure-to-be-constant cuts to Weir’s crazy coach Galina Zmievskaya or, as a bonus treat, Viktor Petrenko

6. Current coif perfect for the types of Stupid Hair endemic to DWTS performance nights

5. Has no trouble emoting

4. Gives announcer opportunity to call a Star an “Essayist” as he descends technicolor staircase

5. Enjoys — nay, embodies — the show’s signature costume hue (recall: “A hot pink tassel might be a little over-the-top and risqué for a man, but it works for me,” from an episode of Be Good Johnny Weir)

3. Could be first gay winner

2. Respects/reveres Russian culture; could get into subtitled catfights with Anna and Maks

1. You can tell he’s already dreaming up a Futuristic Foxtrot in that photo

Do you want to see Weir on DWTS? With Karina?

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