By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated June 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Steve Fenn/ABCWe began the “traveling around the world” portion of the proceedings with a stop in New York City. Kasey scored the first date, a night at the museum, which, let’s just say, he did not allow to become boring. (Singing the song that was in his heart: check. Confessing that he wanted to be with her forever: check. Multiple references to guarding and protecting and guarding hearts: check.) On the group date to The Lion King, one lucky guy got to wear a pair of mossy-looking tights while suspended over a Broadway stage with Ali during “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” (Hint: Roberto’s as good at Broadway auditions as he is at wooing the ladies.) And Ali got sick, throwing all the guys into a hero-complex tizzy; but she rallied to take Chris L. on a truly romantic birthday date. Oh, right, and someone got a tattoo to prove his undying (but protected and guarded) love. You’ve seen the promos. You know.

The full recap with all the specifics will be up soon [UPDATE: The full Bachelorette recap is live!], but if you’ve already watched and want to weigh in on how much love you felt tonight, read on after the jump for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you’ve already watched Monday’s Bachelorette. Seriously.]

Kasey insisted that he and Ali had their “own unique connection,” then set out on their date to the museum to prove it, maybe a little too literally. Yeah, there was impromptu singing from Kasey: “When I was flying in the helicopter over this amazing city, I looked to my left and never saw something so pretty.” There were uncomfortably intense professions of feeling from Kasey: “I choose you. And I hope that someday you can choose me.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t that day — she didn’t give him a date rose, but she asked him to stick around until the next rose ceremony. He proceeded to get a shielded-heart tattoo on his wrist to prove his devotion, clearly missing the her point that he was being too over-the-top. But he didn’t get the chance to show it to her — clearly a factor in the final rose outcome.

The group date brought us a true test of the guys’ devotion as they auditioned for a spot on the Broadway stage in The Lion King. Turned out Jesse could sing, but Roberto was a flippin’ genius — he blew everyone’s minds by actually singing directly to Ali, so he got the chance to put his face in her cleavage in front of an audience. But by show’s end, Ali was sick — and while she had time to reassure Frank that she was “crazy about him,” she went back to her suite before giving out the date rose.

Ali was too sick, at first, to take Chris L. on his planned birthday date — but she did invite him to her suite, and he smartly brought her soup and flowers. Fortified by this perfect combination, she rallied and took him out for seafood, dancing, and a birthday call to his dad. It went almost uncomfortably well (for those of us aware that they were on a dating reality show), and he got the only pre-ceremony rose of the week.

Meanwhile, Jesse and the Weatherman left us for good. (Insert joke about cold front here.) My full recap is now posted on, so do check it out, but let us know right now what you think now. Who’s the current favorite: Chris or Roberto? Did Ali make any mistakes with her roses this round? Should she have chucked Kasey instead of Jesse or the Weatherman?

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