Image Credit: JASON SZENES/epa/CorbisIn an interview with FOX news host Greta Van Susteren, Palin tried to put what she kinda ickily termed “Boob-Gate” to rest. The blogosphere had been all squirrelly the last several days after pictures of Palin in a scoop-neck t-shirt led some to wonder whether she’d snuck in a little silicone. Palin and Van Susteren engaged in some disingenuous back-patting for their five-minute discussion on the matter. Breast implants, no breast implants? Van Susteren brusquely wondered, after clearly having been given advance permission by Palin’s camp. “First Greta,” Palin smiled approvingly, “you now why we love you? Because you’re not afraid to ask the questions, and I gotta respect you for asking the question.” (Really?) Anyways, they’re real and …. even I cannot bring myself to type the obvious Seinfeld reference. For all of Palin’s and Van Susteren’s faux outrage over our easily distracted mainstream media (that includes you, Greta!) and the feminists who had not rushed to Palin’s defense, Palin was right to say the subject was a waste of her and our time.

Regardless of whether you think the former Alaskan governor is the best or worst thing to walk across a national political stage, regardless of whether she makes you crazy or gives you hope, regardless even of whether you think she’s attractive or ordinary-looking, let’s all agree to look at her mouth when she’s talking. (Hey, lipstick!) Eyes up, grow up! Too often when we talk about women, be she Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or singer Susan Boyle, the conversation inevitably begins and ends with their appearances and the tone becomes sneering and small and cruel. Sarah Jessica Parker’s 40-something face in Sex & the City gets savaged by male movie critics, the same fellas who ignore or talk with some affection about Alec Baldwin’s bloated barrel gut in It’s Complicated. Is Sarah Palin complicit in this whole non-story? Oh I dunno, and I don’t really care. But I do care about what it says about our ongoing reduction of the girls and grown women in our public and personal lives.

PopWatchers, should Sarah Palin really have to dress in layers? Can you stand Greta Van Susteren? Do either of these women really give a fig about the physical knocks Hillary Clinton has taken her whole public life? Is the very existence of this post another example of a “bored, idle blogger with nothing else to talk about”? Let’s all go save a whale or something.