''The Proposal'' star steps back into the spotlight with co-star Ryan Reynolds

By Dave Karger and Nicole Sperling
Updated June 11, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

During her charming speech at the MTV Movie Awards on June 6, Sandra Bullock — accepting the Generation Award, the network’s version of a lifetime achievement prize — said she wasn’t planning on taking any hints from the honor. ”The Generation Award — is that an award for old people who have extended their welcome, and we should make nice and leave so someone new can come in?” she asked the crowd. ”’Cause that’s not gonna happen. I’m staying.”

Now we know what she was talking about. On June 7, EW broke the news that Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, her costar from last summer’s smash comedy The Proposal, will soon be reteaming, marking the first professional move the actress has made since separating from husband Jesse James — and, oh yeah, since winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her turn in The Blind Side. Bullock and Reynolds, whose first project ultimately crossed the $300 million mark with its global box office take, have attached themselves to a pitch by Proposal screenwriter Peter Chiarelli called Most Wanted, about a criminal (Bullock) and a U.S. marshal (Reynolds) who are ambushed on their way to court and must go on the lam together. Universal Pictures bought the pitch from Chiarelli on June 4 for $1 million; the studio is currently negotiating for Proposal director Anne Fletcher to direct.

It was all part of a busy weekend for Bullock, who’s impressively managed to maintain a placid and lighthearted demeanor — despite finding herself under a brighter spotlight than ever before. On June 5, the actress surprised many by showing up to accept the Troops Choice prize at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards (the ceremony will air on June 20), wearing a body-hugging black leather dress, no less. Though she spent most of her Guys Choice speech praising the military, she turned the focus on herself at the MTV Awards the next day. Naturally, the audience responded most boisterously when Bullock planted a kiss on Reynolds’ wife, presenter Scarlett Johansson (a nod, of course, to her lip-lock with Meryl Streep at the Critics’ Choice Awards in January). ”Okay, now that we have done that,” Bullock said immediately afterward, ”can we please go back to normal?” After far too many weeks of drama off screen instead of on, that would be our pleasure.