Image Credit: Ebet Roberts/Redferns/Getty ImagesOver the past couple of days, the always-exciteable members of the Pearl Jam message board community have been scrambling to figure out the origin of an accidentally leaked Eddie Vedder-sung track apparently called “Better Days.” The song was hacked from the secure site of Monkeywrench Records, Pearl Jam’s label, and spread — as such things do — like wildfire across the web, with speculation ranging from “It’s a lost track from Riot Act!” to “It’s this year’s Christmas single!” (You can hear the leak here.)

How about: It’s Eddie Vedder’s contribution to the Eat Pray Love soundtrack! A source close to the band has confirmed exclusively to that the track is a new original from Vedder, intended to play during this summer’s Julia Roberts-starring odyssey. Lyrics like “My love is saved for the universe, see me now I’m bursting / on one planet, so many turns, different worlds” would certainly seem to jive with Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of global self-discovery, and there’s an exotic edge to the instrumentation that could happily live in Italy, or India, or Indonesia. Eat Pray Love star Javier Bardem and Vedder are friends, which may explain Ed’s participation. And considering 7 million people or something bought Gilbert’s book, it’s a savvy involvement for anyone.

Now that we know what the song’s for, what do you think, Mixers? (And you, Jamily friends?) A worthy contribution to the soundtrack? A worthy soundtrack for Vedder to contribute to? And if you’ve just now heard the leak, what do you think?

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