• Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte are in talks to star in Warner Bros.’s Arthur remake, which already stars Russell Brand and Helen Mirren. Garner would play an heiress, while Nolte would play her religious father, who no doubt will need to exorcise this man. [THR]
  • Geoffrey Rush will indeed return as Captain Hector Barbossarrggghhh in Disney’s fourth Pirates movie, On Stranger Tides. [Variety]
  • Castle‘s Stana Katic and Odette Yustman are the latest to join spy thriller The Double, about a CIA agent (played by Richard Gere) who teams up with a young FBI agent (Topher Grace) to investigate the murder of a senator. Yustman will play Gere’s wife, while Katic will play a Russian prostitute…whom Gere takes shopping on Rodeo Drive. [THR]
  • Brian Cox has nabbed a role as Laura Linney’s father in the network’s high-profile cancer series, The Big C, while Joanne Whalley will star in Showtime’s Renaissance-era crime drama The Borgias. I’ll take this one: Apothecary Plum, in the minstrel’s gallery, with the turkey leg. [THR]
  • NBC has picked up D.L. Hughley’s game show pilot Who’s Bluffing Who?, which asks contestants to attempt to lie to win $500,000. Sorry, Bernie Madoff, you are not eligible. [THR]
  • Aya Cash has been chosen to fill the void left by Alexandra Breckenridge in Fox’s upcoming Mixed Signals comedy, which centers around relationships, not AT&T’s spotty wireless service. [THR]