A preview of new faces you'll be seeing on ''Chuck,'' ''Glee,'' ''Gossip Girl,'' and more

By Michael Ausiello
Updated June 11, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

With ”only” three months to go until the official fall TV launch, producers and writers are back from vacation and mapping out next season’s initial story arcs. At the top of their to-do lists: casting a slew of pivotal new characters. Here’s a preview of the fresh faces who’ll be making a splash on some of your favorite shows this fall:

As teased in the final minutes of the season finale, Chuck’s (Zachary Levi) absentee-spy mom will play a major role in the show’s upcoming fourth season. Casting for the plum part is expected to get under way later this month. My suggestion: Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

Don’t let that season-ending brush with death fool you: When Gossip returns, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) will be alive, well, and living in Paris with a new girlfriend. Said squeeze, Eva, is described as a gorgeous female who boasts a warm heart and an authentic French accent. My suggestion: Entourage‘s Emmanuelle Chriqui.

New Directions may need a bigger choir room to accommodate the three singers (a Christian fundamentalist, a male version of Mercedes, and a boyfriend for Kurt) that series creator Ryan Murphy is adding to the show. Murphy is also looking for an actor with a great set of choppers to play Emma’s new dentist beau. My suggestion: John Stamos, who, coincidentally, I hear is in talks for the role.

Among the many secrets Paul Young (Mark Moses) apparently brought back with him to Wisteria Lane? A wife! The Sunday staple is looking to hire a ”name” actress to play the returning villain’s mysterious new bride. My suggestion: NYPD Blue‘s Charlotte Ross.

A telltale tag at the end of the season finale has intensified speculation that the show’s 10th and final season will find Clark (Tom Welling) squaring off against DC Comics’ fire-eyed baddie Darkseid. My suggestion: Former Superman Brandon Routh.