Image Credit: NBCStill mourning the cancellation of Law & Order? Good news: Based on the just-released character breakdowns, the upcoming Los Angeles-based spinoff bears all the hallmarks of the iconic mothership — right down to the interracial detective duo and the bombshell assistant prosecutor. The deets…

Detective Rex Winters: A handsome, rugged ex-Marine in his early 40s, Winters has the intuition of a natural cop. His experience during the Rodney King Riots — which occurred during his second month on the job — shaped his philosophy on policing. Basically, the world is chaos and people are either good or bad. He’s currently married to his ex-partner. Seeking a Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic actor.

Armchair Casting Director’s suggestion: Terrence Howard.

Detective Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski: A mid-30s Hollywood native, TJ possesses a cynical view of the entertainment industry. He’s affable, smart, and confident. In contrast to his partner’s black-and-white view of things, TJ sees all shades of gray. He’s also a health nut with an active social life — which is typically code for major hottie. Seeking a Caucasian actor.

Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Scott Foley.

LT. Park: Captain of the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division, the fortysomething Park is a cool professional who keeps his/her private life private. He’s also a passionate advocate for his/her detectives. Seeking an Asian actor or actress.

Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Ken Leung.

ADA Peter Morales: An offspring of a political family, Morales — who is also in his 40s — is a “battlefield general” in the courtroom yet “coarsely sardonic and self-deprecating” in real-life. Seeking a Hispanic actor.

Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Carlos Bernard.

DDA Eva Price: This brainy and drop dead gorgeous assistant prosecutor doesn’t take crap from anyone. Seeking a Caucasian or African-American actress in her 20s.

Armchair Casting Director’s Suggestion: Kristin Kreuk.

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