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Updated June 10, 2010 at 03:18 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Kelly A. Swift/Retna Ltd.The Strokes are officially back. The NYC rockers ended a three-and-a-half-year vacation yesterday with a surprise show in London, their first public performance since October 2006. (Pictured in this post is another concert from shortly before their hiatus.) The NME has a full report on the set, which was booked under the tasty fake name “Venison” and lasted 18 songs. No new material, but this certainly seems like a good sign for that long-promised fourth album of theirs.

Last nite‘s audience was fairly small: just 500 people or so. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can now pretend you were among the lucky Londoners. Check out grainy audience footage of 2001 favorite “Is This It” after the jump (clip via Stereogum, which also has a few more songs). The guys are sounding pretty good!

The Strokes are headlining two U.K. festivals this weekend, and they’ll play Lollapalooza in August. Anyone looking forward to seeing them?

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