By Kate Ward
Updated June 10, 2010 at 05:13 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Ali Goldstein/NBCThe Celebrity Apprentice really upped the ante last season with its doozy of a cast: we got the chance to watch nice guy Bret Michaels, wacky Cyndi Lauper, and goldenrod balloon-loving Rod Blagojevich fight for the chance…to interview the finalists of next season’s Celebrity Apprentice. (And win a pretty sweet prize for the charity, of course.)

But things might get even more interesting next season. According to People, Dina Lohan claims Donald Trump has approached Lindsay Lohan for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. (NBC is not commenting on the next season’s cast; calls to Lohan and Trump’s rep have yet to be returned.) Says Lindsay’s mom: “We’ll see where it goes…. I think it’s a great idea for her, but Lindsay has two movies coming up [Machete and Inferno], so I don’t know if Lindsay has time. It may conflict with her schedule.”

No doubt Lohan would turn the next season into a ratings beast, and admittedly, it would be nice seeing the actress improve her karma while trying to raise money for a charity. But then there’s the fact that Linds’ personal life seems to be in flux — it’s always fun to laugh at Celebrity Apprentice‘s contestants, sure, but might Lohan’s antics, whatever they might be, just leave us a bit, I don’t know…sad?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Good television, or sad television? Or both?!

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