By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated June 10, 2010 at 09:40 PM EDT

Image Credit: Everett CollectionThe other day, Courteney Cox told the LA Times that she wishes Friends could go all Sex and the City and make a movie. “I wish we could do that with Friends,” Cox said in an interview with the newspaper. “The thing is, the characters from Sex and the City hopped all over Manhattan. On Friends, we were always stuck in the apartment and that coffeehouse.” But this is the (theoretical) movies, Court! I bet they would totally build you more sets! Maybe even let you shoot on the streets of real Manhattan (with armies of real paparazzi handily nearby), which would be a huge step for the Central Perk gang. In fact, that could be the plot: The Friends find out they’ve been in L.A. in a fake coffeehouse and improbably large fake apartment, and then they must learn to navigate the streets of real Manhattan! Okay, hopefully the idea Cox says Jennifer Aniston has for a plot is better. Or not — according to Cox’s rep, “There are no plans at this time to move forward with a Friends film.” Well, shoot. You know what? We here at PopWatch are going to imagine what the characters might be up to now anyway (and be sure to tell us in our poll after the jump if you’d even see a Friends movie):

Monica & Chandler: They’re still together and experiencing no major marital problems (because anything else would send me into a deep, dark depression). Maybe they could be struggling with some weight issues together, since that’s so totally in right now — and the lady can cook. But seriously, that’s really all the tension between these two that I can survive. Please, none of that Steve-and-Miranda-from-the-first-Sex and the City-movie stuff here.

Ross & Rachel: That said, I’m totally fine with breaking up Ross and Rachel. Or at least nearly breaking them up — I’m seeing a plot centered on Rachel fleeing their wedding (in designer gown, natch) as a call-back to the pilot (and to his disastrous wedding history). The wedding is set to take place in the backyard at Monica and Chandler’s suburban home, and the gang must reunite to bring the quintessential will-they-won’t-they couple back together. This way, we’ll get cameos from all their great parents, plus any random characters who could reasonably be invited to the wedding (you know that means Janice). And, as a bonus, we’ll spend most of the film with Ross and Rachel not together — are they not so much better apart?

Joey: Clearly, we go meta here — his eponymous NBC sitcom tanked, so he returned to New York to be closer to his friends and help his sister (we need more Drea de Matteo in our movies), who’s on the run from the law after blowing someone up on some street called Wisteria Lane.

Phoebe: She and Mike (that’s movie star Paul Rudd to you) open up a nostalgic 1990s-throwback coffeehouse, complete with “Smelly Cat”-friendly open mic nights and plaid shirts, which are so totally cool again. His buddy, Jason Segel, also shows up, just because. Also, there are massages available at the coffeehouse, because that would just be awesome.

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Would you want to see a Friends movie? What might happen in said movie? And vote in our poll below!



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