Two nights ago, Craig Ferguson put on a big white Mickey Mouse hand and started musing about how “if everyone wore a Mickey Mouse hand for one night” maybe it could “end the late night war madness.” Ferguson added, “I’m reachin’ out to you, direct-competitor Jimmy Fallon. Craig’s impassioned plea occurs about one minute into this clip:

Well, last night, Fallon didn’t take the glove as a slap, but as a gesture of friendship. And so, last night, after his monologue, Fallon put on The Glove That Heals All Wars:

He waved at the camera, said a cheery hello to Ferguson, adding, “He’s a good dude.”

Ferguson lived up to his part of the bargain. At a simultaneous point in his show, Ferguson put the glove on once again and called out, “Hi, Jimmy, hi! Hey, thanks, man!”

Ferguson declared this the first step in “ending the late-night wars,” and added, “I love you, man.”

If Ferguson and Fallon can do it, what’s to stop Letterman and Leno from donning Donald Duck masks and start quacking each other up in the name of peace?

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