Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, who won the NHL’s Stanley Cup Wednesday night in a Game 6 overtime win over the Philadelphia Flyers. One of the many elated fans last night was commentator, and former Blackhawk, Jeremy Roenick. As JR watched the 2010 squad hoist the franchise’s first Cup in 49 years, he remembered how he was there in 1992, only to be swept in four games by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bottom lip quivering, barely holding back tears, he said, “For the kid who was there in 1992 who was crying when I came off the ice in after we lost Game 4 at Chicago Stadium — you waited 18 years. I hope you have a big smile on your face. Congratulations.”

But wait, there’s no crying in hockey! So, in an astounding display of machismo, fellow commentator and former player Mike Millbury decided to ruin the moment by planting a patronizing slap on Roenick’s shoulder and saying, “Well, I didn’t get to do it either, but I’m not gonna cry.” Freeze frame the video below at 0:50 and tell me Roenick doesn’t look like he’s considering slapping Millbury. “I’m proud, I’m happy. I’m proud,” the always-classy Roenick simply says. He’s not the only one. Enjoy it, Chicago. Great season.