Action fans might have to test their allegiances in 2012: That’s when Universal is planning on releasing a fourth Bourne pic (yay!) that may not star Matt Damon (boo!). The studio has hired Tony Gilroy (writer of all three Bourne films) to script a fourth movie in the series even though Damon is not yet on board (the actor has said he will not return to the franchise without director Paul Greengrass, and Universal has not yet confirmed whether he’ll be part of a fourth film).

Do you think Bourne could live on without Damon? We can’t help but think of that other famous J.B. — James Bond — who has survived no fewer than six re-castings in his 50-plus years on screen. But could another actor fill Jason Bourne’s shoes? Or is Damon a non-negotiable part of the series’ success? Think it over and then vote in our poll below!

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