June 09, 2010 at 03:51 PM EDT

I’m dying to know if any of you can sit through the entire second red band trailer for Showgirls Exposed, a.k.a. Showgirls 2. It’s so hilariously atroash. I think it was a high school film class’ assignment — along the lines of “Demonstrate your understanding of the following areas: low-grade exotic dancing, gunplay, quick cuts to skulls, product integration, tinting. Be sure to make your project both look and sound like a commercial for under-21 Chicagoland dance club Zero Gravity from the late 1990s. Good luck!” — and this is the winner. (Here’s the first trailer if you feel that’s something you deserve.) Can anyone make it past the random shot of the cemetery at 1:45? Please come to PopWatch HQ to redeem your prize. It’s nothing!

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