For the most part, I thought Glee finished up its first season the way Glee would: With performances so good, they prevented the gag-reflex I have at Journey songs and pomp-rock such as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s all about balance: I’ll forgive the use of the ukulele for the astute use of “To Sir With Love.”

One development sticks in my craw, however. Shelby Corcoran ends up with Beth? After spurning the requests of her real, neglected daughter, Rachel? I couldn’t get past this. It was impossible to fully adore that absolutely adorable baby, knowing that the kid is going to be raised by a woman who spurned her teenage daughter.

Saying that what she really wants is “a house, and a garden, and a dog,” Shelby settles for a newborn, adopted child… when she has her own child, Rachel, upon whom she could lavish some of that love. Strikes me as selfish.

Glee is going to have to do a lotta tap-dancing around this issue next season to make it all work out so that we can truly feel happy for Ms. Corcoran, as far as I’m concerned.

What do you think?

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