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First it was Bill O’Reilly’s steamy, seamy back-alley mystery, and now Fox News’ resident blackboard enthusiast Glenn Beck is releasing his own thriller. EW has an exclusive look at the trailer for the book, which releases on June 15 and is about twenty-something named Noah Gardner who finds himself in the midst of a massive fight to protect the country he loves from nefarious forces that threaten to corrupt it.

Now, writing for Beck is nothing new. The man squeezes out nearly as many books as he does tears, but this is his first time trying anything near this genre, and I’m guessing it won’t be all that much like The Christmas Sweater. The trailer itself is certainly interesting, a kinetic text illustration of a creepy poem that sounds like Dr. Seuss by way of the Book of Revelations. (Some of you pointed out that it’s actually this poem by Rudyard Kipling.) Take a look for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comment boards. But please, please remember to use your inside voices.