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Question: I love the idea of Lynda Carter playing Ma Bartowski on Chuck. Do you know if she’s seriously being considered for the role? —Andy

Ausiello: I asked Josh Schwartz that very question and here’s what the boss man had to say: “I’m a big fan of women with lassos. [Lynda’s] an icon as an actress and is someone who fits the show’s universe…but not necessarily for this role.” Translation: It’s a long shot. So what kind of actress is he looking for to play Chuck’s MIA spy ma? “I don’t want to shed too much light on the character,” he hedges, “but we need someone who can kick ass.” Okay, let’s go with my second choice then: Jamie Lee Curtis. Who’s with me?

Question: I’m looking for a Community bulletin. —Frida

Ausiello: If by that you mean, will I give you some fall scoop, sure, Frida. Though we now know that Senor Chang isn’t qualified to be a Spanish professor anyplace but Sesame Street, Ken Jeong will be back. Even before his character was exposed as a fraud, “I was worried,” he admits, “because I knew they couldn’t take Spanish forever at community college.” But now the teacher will become a student. And “I think he will definitely try to hang with Winger a lot more,” Jeong suggests. “He’ll relate to him, because [the former lawyer] is also at Greendale because he got caught without the credentials for his job.”

Question: What were you doing on the Parks and Recreation set last week (aside from giving your iPhone camera a workout)? —Chandler

Ausiello: I was shooting a very special episode of Ausiello TV, to debut at some point next week. In the meantime, here’s some hot scoop straight from Pawnee: A certain female character will be involved in a new romance at the start of season 3. Oh, looky here — a clue!

Question: I am desperate for some True Blood! Can you help a girl out? —Kelley

Ausiello: While on the set last week for the Ultimate Fan Experience, I spied a very creepy scene being shot between Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and his new beau, Jesus (played by Kevin Alejandro), that sheds new light on something Ellis told my colleague Tim Stack in this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story. “There is absolutely more to him than meets the eye,” he teased. “There is something supernatural about Jesus, and how dark it is has yet to be seen.”

Question: Any chance True Blood will bring Maryann back from the dead? —Will

Ausiello: No chance. But exec producer Alan Ball hints that “we will be seeing some people that we thought were gone this year.” He also reveals that this season’s Big Bad will prove far more difficult to get rid of than Michelle Forbes’ bats— crazy maenad. “We’ve had two seasons where the arch-villain sort of met his or her demise,” he says. “I’m looking at a different way to dispatch our arch villain this year so that he might be able to come back in the future.” I can’t be sure, but I think he’s talking about this guy.

Question: Not to jump the gun, but I’ve already seen season 4 of Friday Night Lights (on DirecTV), so I’m dying for some season 5 scoop on Coach Taylor & Co. —Hattie

Ausiello: When Jason returns to Dillon, he’ll be a full-fledged sports agent and a married man.

Question: You wouldn’t happen to have any scoop on whether Smallville will be casting a new baddie for its 10th and final season? —Zach

Ausiello: While I have no official info on season 10’s Big Bad, I think we can safely assume — based on a certain scene in last month’s season finale — that Clark will be squaring off against DC Comics’ fire-eyed baddie Darkseid. Got casting suggestions? Hit the comments!

Question: Could you tell me if Sarah Drew is coming back next season on Grey’s Anatomy? Her performance was the best thing about the finale. It’d be a shame if Shonda Rhimes doesn’t bring her back. —Newton

Ausiello: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Question: That’s great news about Jesse Williams becoming a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s hope Shonda does the right thing and pairs him with Sandra Oh. I love me some Jackson and Cristina. —Marsha

Ausiello: Unfortunately, Williams’ gut is telling him Jastina is not in the cards next season. “My hunch is that if I were to get a love interest, it would be someone new,” he says. “I feel like everyone has been with everyone and most people seem secure in their relationships for now. But I really like working with Sandra, so it would be fine by me… But full disclosure, I know nothing. The writers and Shonda have disclosed nothing to me about season 7. But I’m excited for him to make more fully developed relationships with the other [characters]. I want to get myself more embedded and do more doctor work. People always ask about the romance stuff, but I find the hospital business and the surgeries way more fascinating.”

Question: Any chance for a romantic spark between Cal and Gillian on Lie to Me? —Julie

Ausiello: They hug in this Monday’s very eventful episode, but I hear it’s more tender than romantic.

Question: I don’t suppose you could give us a list of the TV shows that will be at Comic-Con this year. Pretty please? —Jeff

Ausiello: Can I link you to a rundown instead? Pretty please?

Question: Please tell me that Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. —Simone

Ausiello: Gossip Girl is not going to play the amnesia card with Chuck next season. But the little Bass-tard will emerge from his near-death experience a very changed man.

Question: Any Gossip Girl scoop regarding Nate and Serena? Are they really finished? —Kayla

Ausiello: The fact that producers are casting a new love interest for Nate should answer your question.

Question: Do you have any idea how Dexter will “resurrect” Rita next season? —Mark

Ausiello: I know how they won’t. They won’t flash back to her grisly murder at the hands of Mr. T. And they also won’t pick up right where they left off — with Rita drowning in a pool of blood. And in both cases I say, Thanks very much, Dexter writers!

Question: On 30 Rock, Jack’s lady Avery is preggo. Does that mean Elizabeth Banks is sticking around the Rock full-time next season? —Andrea

Ausiello: Nope, it sure doesn’t. While Banks will definitely be back, there are no plans for her to become a series regular. As my former Scrubs costar told me back in January, “[I’m] having too much fun making movies [to commit to a TV show]. The [TV jobs] are a really fun thing to do between movie gigs.”

Question: Burn Notice scoop? Anything? —Craig

Ausiello: Later this season, look for Michael to go undercover as ex-CIA bigwig Gustav “Gus” Avrakotos. Sort of. According to Jeffrey Donovan, an upcoming episode was inspired by “Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in Charlie Wilson’s War. I take on that type of persona. That was a lot of fun to do.”

Question: What’s the buzz on NBC’s The Cape? —Clint

Ausiello: Well, if the pilot is half as entertaining as the interview I conducted with the show’s stars (David Lyons and Summer Glau) at NBC’s upfront event, I predict a massive hit!

Question: I hate to admit it, but I kind of dug Pretty Little Liars. I’m worried about the central mystery dragging on forever, though. Please put my mind at ease. —Jennifer

Ausiello: I’ll let the show’s star Lucy Hale do the honors instead. “By the end of the first season, viewers will find out what happened to our friend and who is threatening us,” she reveals. “And there are a bunch of twists and turns that would take us into season 2 — should we be so lucky.”

Question: Amazing job hosting the True Blood Q&A! But do you have any scoop on Greek‘s upcoming season? —Joanna

Ausiello: What say you, series creator Sean Smith? “Midway through our 10-episode cycle we have an episode entitled ‘All About Beav,’ which tells the story of an episode through the perspective of our Beaver. He’s an awesome character played by the strapping Aaron Hill, who has been in the periphery of so many of our episodes. He’s a huge fan favorite, and we finally get to see more of his life. As well as a love interest for him. Someone our audience might even know pretty well.” Who’s Beav’s sweetie? Hit the comments with your guesses!

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Tim Stack, Carrie Bell, and Vlada Gelman)

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