A fraternity’s black-light dance number. A guy who calls himself “Prince Poppycock” and sings “Figaro.” A man playing four harmonicas at once. Fine, America’s Got Talent, sometimes you wow me with weirdness. Other times, though, you over-praise a dude who sprays fire out of a pitchfork.

Fighting Gravity’s unique performance was really cool, but it relied heavily on the camera being far away — one brief shot got a little too close, at which point the illusion was sort of ruined. Honestly, I was most impressed by crazy harmonica dude, whose performance was that right combination of stupid human trick and actual entertaining skill.

Who did you love last night, PopWatchers? Did you find Antonio Restivo’s fire act more interesting than I did? Are you tired of the judges asking everyone what their dream is, and everyone answering “having a show in Vegas”?