By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 09, 2010 at 08:17 PM EDT

We’ll take any excuse to talk about Aaron Sorkin’s oeuvre around PopWatch HQ, but since his birthday is a semi-legit one… let’s celebrate by naming our favorite moment from any of his works. Sports Night still holds a special place in my heart. I was working at a magazine called The Cable Guide when it premiered, but I really wanted to interview Josh Charles (co-anchor Dan Rydell), so I made an argument (it’s based on a cable show, SportsCenter) convincing enough that it became the only broadcast series that the magazine ever covered. Okay, it also helped that we’d just been bought by a new company, so my boss assumed it was my going-away present.

Anyway, the moment that comes to my mind — probably because I stumbled across it a few months ago while doing some Good Wife-fueled YouTube-ing of Josh Charles — was Dan’s elevator-side chat with Rebecca (Teri Polo) following his hideous on-air “cheese” mistake, when he finally convinces her to go out with him. That scene (which begins at 5:15 in this clip) totally reminded me why Dan was one of the options I went through when writing a post a couple of years ago on which TV character I would date in real life. (Switching my answer to him, by the way. Sorry, Seeley Booth. It’s been over between us for a while.)

Runner-up moment: Three episodes later (at 5:30 in this clip), when Dan spends all day trying to convince Rebecca to watch a game with him on tape after his show, and she finally explains why she’d been refusing. He thinks it’s because of the wall she’s built between her and men, and he vows to tear it down, no matter how long it takes. She interrupts to say that she has a bottle of champagne chilling in a hotel suite and asks if she can please take him there. He’s happy to go — but even happier when she tells him to bring the tape. He gets that look that tells you he knows what he’s found.* And let’s face it, knowing that someone wants to have sex and then watch what you want to watch — hot.

Your turn.

*Yes, I know how this storyline ends. I’m just choosing not to remember.