By Archana Ram
Updated June 08, 2010 at 06:26 PM EDT

The Real Housewives reunion shows are always the most entertaining part of any season because we finally get to see the even bigger claws come out in response to all the snarky comments made during the confessionals. And this Thursday marks the long-awaited occasion for season three of New York, which, thanks to Kelly’s gummy bears, Jill’s nascent “HELLO!” and LuAnn’s singing (dis)abilities, has become the looniest and simultaneously most frightening season of Housewives yet. (Thanks to the Scary Island episode, whenever I’m on 5th Avenue, I pray for dear life that I don’t run into Kelly running behind cars.)

In anticipation of the reunion, YouTube cartoonist KCSCougar has animated a short of what the show might look like. Cartoons may be exaggerations, but in their case, this brand of craziness might actually happen. Take a look at the NSFW video after the jump. [Vulture]

Some of my personal highlights:

  • Kelly’s “picture-taking” glasses
  • Ramona’s pinot grigio IV drip
  • Bethenny’s giving of gift bags despite her hatred for the group
  • acknowledgment of Sonja’a awful line in the show’s opening credits
  • Jill’s Hannibal Lecter mask

What do you guys think of the video? And what sorts of shenanigans do you think will go down Thursday night?


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