June 08, 2010 at 01:39 PM EDT

Lee DeWyze ambled onto The Late Show with David Letterman last night, and you knew Dave was going to like this year’s American Idol winner more than he does most Idol contestants, because DeWyze looks like “a regular guy,” in Letterman’s phrase, and the singer used to do a little manual labor before becoming an idolized star:

Give Dave a good paint-store can-shaker story, and everyone’s happy. Letterman also put DeWyze on the spot by asking after Crystal Bowersox, the host asking, “She’ll be alright, right? No paint-store gig for her, right?” Lee said he thought not.

The host tried to get DeWyze to admit that Simon Cowell is “a psycho,” but Lee said Simon was “a cool guy off-camera,” even though, he said, “we don’t have much interaction with [the judges] at all; we see them when you see them.”

DeWyze was, I’m afraid, upstaged by announcer Alan Kalter, whose version of “California Gurls” immediately preceding DeWyze was as good as anything on Idol this season.

Did you watch?

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