Credit: Magali Bragard

Image Credit: Magali BragardDo you remember the moment you finally saw Ashton Kutcher as a man and not as a man-child? For me, it was last night, watching him wear a suit as a government assassin in Killers, then walking shirtless in swimwear (pictured), then packing heat and trying to stay ahead of the hitmen who were secretly embedded in his life when he left the game for love (Katherine Heigl) and suddenly activated three years later. I intended to write an I Saw It, So You Don’t Have To! post on the movie, but the truth is, I didn’t find it as offensive as EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum. I didn’t hate it, I just felt nothing, which is why I only jotted down three notes and why if you’re tempted to see it in theaters for any of the reasons Lisa mentions in her hilarious review, don’t. This is the kind of movie that will play so much better on a Saturday afternoon on TBS, when you’ll be satisfied with a pretty picture, a bit of light action, and an occasional chuckle from Catherine O’Hara, who plays Heigl’s boozy mom. It’s comfort viewing — nothing to alarm or surprise you.

The reviews haven’t been kind, but I do think Killers was a worthwhile venture for Kutcher, who was a producer on the film. I still can’t imagine him stepping into Brad Pitt’s role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but I can see him now as a man who can take care of himself (and his family). That’s a start. Let Ashton grow up, Hollywood. We’re ready for it.

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