By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 08, 2010 at 11:27 PM EDT
Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Image Credit: Johannes Simon/Getty ImagesWhen was the last time you wanted to see a Hilary Swank movie? (No, you do not have to count that moment of weakness when you ordered P.S. I Love You off of pay-per-view for Gerard Butler.) Swank will star in the big-screen adaption of the 2007 John Marks novel Fanglandto be directed by John Carpenter, The Wrap reports. Sure, anything vampire-related feels a little bandwagoning at the moment, but the cool of Carpenter could balance the scales there. She’ll star as Evangeline Harker, an associate producer of a 60 Minutes-style show, who has been sent to Transylvania to scout a possible story on a gangster, Ion Torgu.

Barring the aforementioned P.S. I Love You situation — which again, doesn’t count! — I haven’t been compelled to see a Hilary Swank movie since Million Dollar Baby. Maybe the October Oscar bait Conviction (formerly known as Betty Anne Waters) will do it — she’ll star as a high school dropout who spent nearly two decades working as a single mother while putting herself through law school to try to overturn her brother’s (Sam Rockwell) unjust murder conviction. But The Resident, in which she’ll play a single doctor who realizes her landlord (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is obsessed with her, probably won’t. (As a single woman, do I need to put ideas into my head?)

Have you been with the two-time Oscar winner all along? Or what kind of role does she need to find to get you back? As EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum wrote last year (after giving Amelia a C+), we want to be there for her: “Truth is, I really like actors who are tough nuts to crack, tough faces and bodies to glamorize, and tough personalities to cast; I like the way they tend to outrun the best intentions of stylists who glam them up on the covers of fashion magazines,” she said. “So I really like Swank, and the tough, toothy, I-will-survive ferocity that radiates off her, even when she’s dolled up.” Is Conviction the ticket? Is John Carpenter’s Fangland a step forward or backwards?