By Karen Valby
June 08, 2010 at 02:15 PM EDT
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Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Glee‘s Chris Colfer brought his adorable A game. Is this kid the sweetest piece of apple pie or what? He told Jimmy that he originally tried out for the role of Artie but that creator Ryan Murphy  was so taken by him that they created the role of Kurt special. (Kurt because as a boy Colfer, of course, had played the Von Trapp in a school musical, and Hummel because he looks like one of those pink-cheeked porcelain dolls.) Colfer was all kinds of polite and sweet — “yes, yes!” — and he really gave Molly Shannon (smokin’ hot legs, lady!) the giggles. But the best part of the interview was when Colfer described how he used to work mornings in his high school cafeteria and the lunch ladies were his only friends. “They were the best friends you could have,” he praised, “they know the dirt on everybody!” Why is this not a sub-plot on Glee? In fact, why do lunch ladies not have their own show?

Now, in anticipation of tonight’s finale, I present my Glee season all-stars. Bowling trophies to Kurt, Artie, Brittany, Kurt’s Dad, and April. Kudos to Sue and her sister, for making me splosh tears all over myself whenever they get a moment together. And my favorite musical number of the season goes to Puck and Mercedes’ Sammy Davis Jr. song. The MC Hammer routine in the library may have charmed me so deeply that I found myself signing up for a hip hop dance class, which would strike you as pathetic and ridiculous if you knew my sad moves. And I know my colleague, the crabby but delightful Annie Barrett, finds Mr. Schuester tiresome, but my affection for Matthew Morrison intensifies every time he dances in his Gene Kelly khakis and white socks. I guess that makes me a sucker for a man in too-short pants.

Am I nuts to say that I think Chris Colfer deserves an Emmy nod? Do you envy his poreless skin? Is Monk still on?  Who on Glee gets your vote for season all-stars?

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