By Annie Barrett
June 08, 2010 at 06:18 PM EDT
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On this morning’s Early Show, Heidi Ladrow, mother of the “Baby Gaga” in a recent viral video spoof of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” (which has since been made private on YouTube, but you can see clips over at sat down with the video’s director and a psychotherapist. That seemed like a good start! Logic and proportion fell sloppy dead from there. Here are a few choice quotes from the mother of a Baby in Chains, along with the half-baked retorts I would lay on her if I happened to be lounging in the far corner of that stylish sofa. I’m sure The Early Show would have loved to have me. Next time.

“[My daughter] has known [the director, Jake Wilson] since she was six months old, so she’s very comfortable with him.” Oh, cool. Did she tell you that? Do they have a lot in common? Maybe they could date. Well. Maybe she could turn into one of his favorite shopping partners! You’ve seen ‘Clueless’ right?

“The reason she looked uncomfortable is because she’d just woken up from a two-hour nap. She’s animated, you know? We wanted her to look kind of upset in certain points. I think she’s a very well-adjusted child. At 3, she’s very self-actualized.” Have you considered asking your toddler for advice on achieving a more efficient perception of reality?

“This went gangbusters quite quickly.” [At this point I think I’d just shoot her with a pink plastic water gun.]

“It’s beyond YouTube.” Your mom’s beyond YouTube.

“It’s for fun, it’s a spoof on Lady Gaga. It has to be outrageous because Lady Gaga’s videos are outrageous.” And there HAS to be a spoof on Lady Gaga starring a baby???!???

Then I’d like my colleague Jennifer Armstrong, who introduced you to Baby Gaga last week, to pop up on the other end of the sofa and deliver her assessment of the mere concept of a baby imitating Lady Gaga: “It’s actually borderline creepy, mainly because Gaga is.”

How would you chime in if you’d been invited to this PopWatch Dance Party?

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