Image Credit: Glen WilsonRussell Brand was so funny in a minor Forgetting Sarah Marshall part that he’s now reprising the character as a starring role in Get Him to the Greek. I saw the spin-off last night, and while Brand once again draws copious LOLs as debauched Brit-rocker Aldous Snow, Get Him to the Greek introduces a scene-stealing supporting actor of its own: none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs.

As Sergio Roma, the chief of fictional label Pinnacle Records, Diddy is basically playing a way over-the-top version of himself, the chief of real label Bad Boy Records. “The music business is failing,” Sergio announces to a room full of employees in his first scene. This is, of course, an actual problem faced by Diddy at his day job. Sergio then berates his underlings in a way that will ring bells for anyone who’s seen MTV’s Making the Band, though he gets to use lots of colorful profanity since this is an R-rated movie instead of a basic-cable series. He’s the demanding boss we all know him to be, only meaner, crazier, more absurd.

That off-screen context isn’t the only reason Diddy is totally hilarious in Get Him to the Greek, though. He shows real comic timing and chops throughout the movie. One scene where (SPOILER ALERT) he appears as a disembodied head in another character’s hallucination had me and my friends rolling in the aisles. Even if Diddy weren’t playing off his own public persona, he still would have been one of the best things about this movie — so much so that I’d buy tickets for a Sergio spin-off movie in a flash.

Anyone else see Get Him to the Greek this weekend? Do you, too, want to see more of Diddy’s character?