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The new trailer for The Expendables makes it seem as epic as a newly unearthed Star Wars film, and so manly that I’m pretty sure one of my ovaries just shriveled up. I could not love it more. It starts with Sylvester Stallone’s voice, “We are the shadows, and the smoke in your eyes. We are the ghosts, that hide in the night.” Then it’s got a crow dancing on a metallic skull as the voices of Bruce Willis (“Lights out!” “You got a problem with it?”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Come on!” “Run you bastard!”) are heard. Then, it runs through the last names of the action legends who are coming together for the first and only time in this movie as we hear their voices delivering more lines that you would have bet your life would have been in this script:

Schwarzenegger: “He loves playing in the jungle.”

Willis: “Let’s get down to business.”

Jason Statham: “If we get out of here, it’s a miracle.”

Jet Li: “Time’s up.”

Mickey Rourke: “Come on, let’s see what you got.”

Dolph Lundgren: “Be careful.”

Steve Austin: “I’m gonna kill him.”

Randy Couture: “It makes you stronger, Petey.”

Terry Crews: “Anything that gets in my way, kaboom.”

Watch below.

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