By Margaret Lyons
Updated June 04, 2010 at 02:35 PM EDT

On last night’s Britain’s Got Talent, a leotard-clad Miley Cyrus wailed her latest song “Can’t Be Tamed.” And pretended to kiss a lady! Call me when you’re actually kissing people, Miley. I get that the Disney star’s image has taken a slight turn for the Lohan, and that the video for this song all about being sexy and badass or whatever, but this Gaga/Britney redux is a surprisingly snoozy take on the unleash-the-teen-beast genre. Video ahead!

I am much more scandalized by peep-toe platform boots (the horror…) than I am by a simulated girl-on-girl kiss, mostly because, uh, 17-year-olds are pretty much free to smooch whomever they’d like (within an appropriate age range). It’s gonna take a little more than a (badly) simulated kiss for me to rank Hannah Montana among the Britney/Christina teen queens. Where does this land on your scandolometer, PopWatchers?