By Jennifer Armstrong
June 04, 2010 at 09:33 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Ron Tom/ABCOne minute she’s submitting herself for Emmy consideration despite appearing in less than half of the last Grey’s Anatomy season, the next minute she’s telling the world she wasn’t so fond of her character, Izzie Stevens, by the time she left the hit drama. “I felt very protective of Izzie,” she told USA Today. “I really loved her. I felt she was an admirable woman who certainly made mistakes. But I was starting to not like her, and that bothered me.” That Katherine Heigl — there really is no telling what polarizing thing she’s going to say or do next. Though at least she’s self-aware: “I’ve tried to keep my mouth closed for a minute, and I can’t,” Heigl told the newspaper. “At one point I got so paranoid and afraid, and I was qualifying everything I said and apologizing for everything. I realized it was ridiculous.”

Fair enough. Nothing wrong with speaking your mind. I’m going to respectfully disagree with her, however, on Izzie’s non-likability. And to be honest, I’m a little surprised to find myself defending Dr. Stevens — my first instinct was that I, too, hated her, but it turns out that upon reflection, I just hated her storylines. Namely: hooking up with George, played by her off-screen bestie T.R. Knight (with the brotherly chemistry to prove it), and having ghost-sex that obliterated any lingering goodwill toward her first-season love, Denny Duquette. But Izzie, while far from perfect, remained downright delightful, even — especially — as she battled cancer in her last full season on the show. Remember how adorably devoted she was to planning a dream wedding — from her hospital bed — for Derek and Meredith? Or how affecting she was during her graveside breakdown at George’s funeral? She didn’t get annoying until she left new husband Alex without warning this season, and why did she do that? Because Heigl wanted to leave the show.

But maybe I’m forgetting something, remembering Izzie more fondly than she deserves. What do you think, PopWatchers? Did Izzie grow as unlikeable as Heigl says?


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