Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosThree cheers for Carrie Fisher, whose one-woman stage production Wishful Drinking — based on her 2008 book — will be converted into an HBO documentary complete with family interviews and archival footage from her life. Though I read her book two years ago — but have a memory of a fish when it comes to anything that doesn’t involve the words American and Idol — I never got the chance to see Fisher on stage when she performed at Studio 54 here in New York City. But I do know one person who did see and adore Fisher’s show — my Mom. And since none of EW’s resident theater experts are currently available, I asked her she’d watch the doc (yes), and why there’s such interest in Fisher’s self-deprecating material more than 30 years after Star Wars‘ release. Her answer:

“She’s a a tough-a–. Her set is like a living room that she’s inviting you in. She weaves a great story. She’s very candid, and very intelligent. She comes out and says she has mental issues. You sit there and you’re laughing, and you’re feeling bad when you’re laughing because [her life is] not always happy, but she’s got a good attitude about it.”

The fact that Fisher also boasts a wacky family tree — parents were Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, who divorced when Fisher left Reynolds for Liz Taylor — certainly doesn’t hurt interest. And then there’s this: “A lot of boys were in love with her because of the bikini in the third movie — the one with the Ewoks,” says my mom, who obviously preferred her in 1975’s Shampoo.

Are you looking forward to HBO’s Wishful Drinking doc? And will the material translate well from stage to television?