By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 04, 2010 at 03:45 PM EDT

Image Credit: FoxAccording to Variety, the FCC is fining Fox $25,000 not because the Feb. 3 episode of American Dad implied that a man had given a racehorse a “full release” (see the Parents Television Council complaint for explicit details, or watch below), but because Fox, in its eyes, failed to respond properly to a request about the episode: “In its inquiry, the FCC sought information from Fox on all of its affiliated stations that may have aired the episode. But instead of sending the entire trove of complaints [which the trade says totaled more than 100,000], the FCC sent Fox just a sample complaint identifying Fox station KDFW in Dallas.” The Dallas station’s owner responded, which the FCC found “incomplete and unsatisfactory.” The question is whether only the affiliates that received complaints should be queried, or the entire network and station group…

While you debate that, I’ll propose my theory as to why Fox might be making the FCC ask more than once for this information: Because it just likes to hear someone from the FCC phone and say, “This is in regards to the episode in which a man was going to masturbate a horse.” I swear I once had a publicist at FX “forget” what storyline I was calling about on Nip/Tuck, just so I would have to keep repeating it.