Credit: AMC

Image Credit: AMCOooh, The Walking Dead — the zombie series based on the revered comic books — is finally in production, and it looks like the make-up department spared no expense. At least Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies are playing non-zombie humans. You can see more photos on AMC’s site, and you can watch the full trailer below:

Frank Darabont says, “We hope to do for zombies what Mad Men has done for advertising.” I’m sure the show’s great, but uh… Mad Men made me want to have sex with people who work in advertising. The idea of even smooching this zombie dude pictured above is pretty much all the nightmare juice I’m going to need for the next few years of therapy. (In my head, he’s saying “give me a kiss,” like the“monster” on Scrubs. Shudder.)

What’s in your heeee-aaad, in your he-he-he-head, PopWatchers? Is it, uh, zombies? Zo-hom-bies? Zo-hom-bie-ee-ees?