By Annie Barrett
Updated June 02, 2010 at 06:49 PM EDT

20/20 did this crazy “Superhumans” episode last night, featuring a guy who walks around the North Pole in just shorts, a true Marathon Man, a mathematical genius who can “feel numbers,” a Bird Man, and a Spider Man. And then there were these mermaids. Linden Wolbert and her hero, Hannah Fraser (the one who was “caught” by fishermen in 2009’s The Cove) have turned their love of breath-holding and deep-sea swimming into real, often Hollywood-related careers. What fascinated me was that the segment treated them as if both women were mermaids. When they met face-to-face for the first time along the shore, it was so jarring that they actually had legs. I really wanted to believe that there were mermaids, and that these were just two of them CAUGHT ON TAPE by ABC cameras.

Linden and Hannah’s conversation helped snap me out of my underwater fantasies, though. “Did you make your tail? I can’t wait to see it,” said Hannah. “I can’t wait to see yours, too,” gushed Linden. They then clasped hands and jogged away from the rushing tide. “The ocean’s going to claim us!” Hannah teased as they both dissolved into giggles. And yet…after watching this part a few times, I still held a tiny bit of wonder. Maybe they really were mermaids and this banter was all an act. The ocean really would claim them again, because that’s where they live. They’re not meant to be part of our world. They have to go back, Jack.

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