Now that Rachel’s mom — played by the wonderfully Wicked Idina Menzel — has been in the picture for a few episodes on Glee, we’re dying to finally meet Rachel’s elusive gay dads, the ones who moved her therapist into the spare room, treated her childhood sadness with water, and can’t sew. You’re gonna have to come out eventually, dads! Our brains are sick of reverting to Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan (?!) whenever we hear the phrase “my two dads.”

Forget for a moment about the photo of the two dads they showed during the pilot (because you know you’d prefer stunt casting!), and vote for who should play Rachel’s biological father below. Or, if you have alternate suggestions, leave ’em in the comments along with your picks for Rachel’s second dad. The sky’s the limit on Dad #2. Taye Diggs? Jamie Foxx? (Fine maybe not — Rachel said in the pilot that she wasn’t sure which was her real dad because they’d mixed their sperm together.) Brad Pitt? David Beckham? Olympic Stud of the Day Alexandre Bilodeau? Ideally it’d be someone who can sing and dance, but we can always dream a little dream that Rachel will use her powers of over-achievement to lead them to metaphorical gold-stardom on the stage during a mid-life crisis….

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