By Tim Stack
Updated June 01, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

I’m a little torn when thinking about Glee: there were some music numbers that were fab (“Give Up the Funk;” “Good Vibrations”) but some of the storylines felt a little half-baked (Jesse St. James’ rejection of Rachel; the glee club in a funk). So, for me, especially coming off last week’s Gaga-tastic episode, tonight felt like a slight let down. There wasn’t as much tension as I would have hoped going into the finale but there were still plenty of fun moments to enjoy. [SPOILER ALERT FOR WEST COAST VIEWERS] Puck and Finn (with an assist from Mercedes) doing “Good Vibrations” was sooooo much fun. You could tell the fellas had a blast covering that song too. And I really liked the climactic version of “Give Up the Funk.” The Will/Sue storyline was fun, too, although I’m not sure I buy her even moderately falling for him. Sue just seems too smart to fall for what was obviously a trick. Jesse’s transformation from caring boyfriend into total cad was slightly confusing too. First of all, where was he last week? And secondly what brought on this about face? Plus, their big, intimidating performance of “Another One Bites the Dust” didn’t really come off as that amazing; their versions of “Rehab” and “Mercy” were waaaaay more impressive. [UPDATE: The full recap is here!]

All in all, kind of a lukewarm episode for me. What did you think PopWatchers? Did “Funk” do it for you?

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