By Adam Markovitz
Updated June 01, 2010 at 08:39 PM EDT

Ah, the almighty Internet. Is there any limit to its power? A wink of its eye turns a pint-size Canadian into a pop phenom. A twitch of its tail gets an 88-year-old lady on SNL. And now, it’s putting its muscle behind another delightfully random campaign straight out of Hollywood Mad Libs: Giving Community star Donald Glover a shot at playing Spider-Man in the upcoming franchise reboot.

It all started last Friday, when the eminent Marc Bernardin of io9 (and before that, EW) responded to Spider-Man 4 casting rumors with a blog post titled “The last thing Spider-Man should be is another white guy.” Two days later Glover himself tweeted a link to the post, christening the movement with its own hashtag, #donald2spiderman. Then his fans retweeted it. Then he blogged it. Now he’s planning an all-out assault on Twitter at 9:30pm ET tonight, hoping to push his cause up through the muck and murmur of the Web, all the way to the ears of Sony, the studio behind the Spidey reboot.

Of course, Glover says he isn’t asking for the role on a silver platter. “Some people are mistaken,” he tweeted yesterday. “I don’t want to just be given the role. I want to be able to audition. I truly love Spider-Man.”

Fans of Community are sure to be on Team Glover here, given the comic’s knack for scene-stealing on the show. But what do you all think, PopWatchers? Could Glover really make the jump from Web trend to web slinger? Does he deserve a shot at the role? And do you think he’d really make a good Spidey?

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