Image Credit: Courtesy of Universal Studios Home EntertainmentAnyone who has been waiting impatiently for the original version of The Bionic Woman to come out on DVD has heard rumblings about its release for a while, but Universal has exclusively announced to EW that the series’ first season will be hitting shelves in October. …And everyone who scoffed at the remake cheered!

I’ve watched a few episodes of the original Bionic Woman on Hulu (called Bionic Woman Classic — scoff, again) and have been meaning to watch more, but I only watch marathon shows when they’re on DVD to avoid brainwashing myself with the five or so 30-second commercial spots that seem to play in a loop on streaming sites. So this news thrilled me to no end. I’m glad I held out and waited for all those rumored legal issues to be worked out. Creator Kenneth Johnson even said via his website weeks back that he was recording commentary for an episode. (As well as for an episode of Six Million Dollar Man, which is also headed for stores, he told EW earlier this month.)

That said, how are you going to celebrate the official announcement and your subsequent victory as fans of classic TV, PopWatchers? No parachuting. Okay?