''Lost'' deaths, a ''Gossip Girl'' pregnancy, and more of the big events that took place on TV's final episodes of the season

By Michael Ausiello
Updated May 28, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Weddings 4
Bones‘ Angela and Hodgins tied the knot, but it was 30 Rock‘s triple-ceremony finale that boosted the tally.

Pregnancies 5
Gossip Girl is one of many shows that will be waiting to see what happens nine months and one hiatus later.

Confirmed Deaths 20
Not even counting the Lost finale, this was still a singularly bloody month (R.I.P. Robert).

Breakups 13
Castle‘s detectives Beckett and Demming were just one of the pairs split by sweeps.

Momentous Kisses 5
Doctor-on-hospital-administrator love had us swooning on House. Who knew?

Guest Appearances by Mayim Bialik 2
Only two? People, let’s try harder next year.