By Chris Nashawaty
Updated May 28, 2010 at 05:48 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Turner/DC Comics

Image Credit: Michael Turner/DC ComicsYesterday, Warner Bros. fleshed out some of the finer details about its upcoming film slate. And while the headline-grabbing news for may have been the announcement of Sherlock Holmes 2 (hitting theaters in December 2011), there were some other drool-worthy developments for comic book fanboys and girls. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said the studio was developing films with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and assorted Mad magazine characters. None of which should come as earth-shattering news. After all, these potential franchises have been buzzed about for a while. And the studio needs to scramble to find another golden goose once the Harry Potter movies come to a halt next year. But according to Meyer, it sounds like the first superhero speeding out of the gate will be The Flash, which is nearing a green light.

Never the biggest star of the DC galaxy, Flash is nevertheless an A-list superhero (well, maybe B+). Originally created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, he’s known for his super-speed, fire-engine red costume emblazoned with a lightning bolt, and a winged metal helmet conjuring the Greek god Hermes. He’s also a charter member of the Justice League (in other words, think box-office crossover potential). The problem with the Flash, though, has always been how to depict him onscreen without making his attributes look silly, like an over-cranked Benny Hill character. We’ll leave this up to the (better-paid) minds at the studio. But one thing they might want to steer clear of is anything resembling CBS’ 1990 live-action series starring John Wesley Shipp, Oxford Blues hottie Amanda Pays, and the guy from Becker.

So, now, let’s put it to you. Who do you think should play The Flash?