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In celebration of Sex and the City 2 (and the return of my beloved Aidan Shaw to the Manolo-wearing, Cosmopolitan-sipping world of Carrie & Co.), BuzzSugar created a video montage of “10 Sexy Flings” the ladies had over the course of the series (after the jump). Looking back, many recognizable faces passed through Carrie’s Upper East Side doors. Can you remember each one? Any surprises? (Hello, Bradley Cooper!) My most memorable: Mad Men‘s John Slattery (as the politician with interesting bathroom habits), Vince Vaughn (as Keith Travers, faux-presenting Matt Damon), and David Duchovny (the literally committed ex-boyfriend). Of course Carrie wasn’t the only one having fun, and Miranda’s fling with “public guy” (Will Arnett) and hot neighbor Doctor Robert (Blair Underwood) make the cut as well. What, no Jim Gaffigan on the toilet seat? Watch the video of the many men of Sex and the City after the jump, and let us know who you think was left out.

I’m sad to see the absence of Eddie Cahill, the younger bisexual guy who made Carrie wonder if the whole gender thing was just an uptight 30s way of life (also the episode with the Alanis Morissette cameo!). And Dean Winters, who has also portrayed the love interest of fellow sister of the cause Liz Lemon, was Carrie’s long-term f— buddy, the perfect no-strings-attached relationship…until she realized they had nothing to talk about. Or what about Daniel Sunjata as Louis Leroy the sailor from Louisiana? (Yes, this hardly qualifies as a fling, but it is Fleet Week!)

What about you PopWatchers? Which of the many men of Sex and the City has been your favorite? And for the sake of stirring up an age-old debate, are you Team Big or Team Aidan?


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