The ''Get Him to the Greek'' star shares his favorite tunes

By EW Staff
May 28, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Libertines Tell the King
”I love the Libertines. Carl [Barat, the band’s co-frontman] wrote two songs for the movie. And he really captured the spirit of the film with ‘Gang of Lust,’ which I think has the phrase ‘Let’s get f—ed’ repeated perhaps 100 times.”

The Smiths Nowhere Fast
”Elvis was my first musical love. But Morrissey was like some ferryman ushering me across the river Styx of my tortured adolescence. Morrissey makes it all right to be weird.”

The Rolling Stones Sympathy For the Devil
”This put me in the mood to play Aldous. You think, ‘Nothing’s going to go wrong with me — death would just be part of the bloody banquet!”’

Katy Perry California Gurls
”Yeah, I’m in this for the long term.”